Testimonials about Brian

Owners/ Manufacturer’s Comments

“Brian Smith with Dave Yoho Associates was the best outside speaker you guys have had since I started with RainSoft!” That is what we heard again and again from people that have been around for a convention or two and from dealers that have been in business for 20 years. Brian spoke for four hours about meat and potato, blocking and tackling, fundamental kitchen table sales techniques. From knocking on the door to building value in the presentation, the Total Offer Concept and post – negative suggestions. Brian was brilliant! You definitely had to be there.

– Don Miller, Rainsoft

You’re a lot like a good mechanic. You listen to the problems, diagnose, and then tune us up. I’ve had feedback from half of our staff saying what a great job you did , and how much they gained from your visit. You’ve opened our eyes to the shortcomings in our phoneroom , and, to the potential we have with some of the fine tuning you’ve suggested. We’ll get busy making the adjustments you suggested. We’ll keep you informed of our progress. Please give our best to Dave and the rest of the staff, and please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Jeff and the folks at Liners Direct for their sponsorship.

– Terry Anglin, American Home Design

“Windows was up almost $300k from gross sales last January. the average sale price has come up some as well. I think we can say with some certainty that your training & motivation worked. as an old sale manager of mine once said, ‘The stimuli is working!'”

– Frank Manzare, Statewide Remodeling

“We thank Brian Smith for his professionalism and skill in sharing the structured system of learning developed by Dave Yoho. We highly recommend Brian for all your in-house consultation, training in sales and sales management”

– Nino Vitale, TEMO Sunrooms

“Brian, just thought I would give you an update on results for September. We wrote $1,850,000 and got $1,325,000 approved. This is our biggest month of the year and one of the reasons is because our conversion by sales was up 5% from the previous 3 months average. Thanks for helping us increase our conversion with your excellent training. We look forward to working with you ongoing.”

– George Faerber, Indianapolis Indiana

“Brian Smith gave us great recommendations, clarifying the path for us to grow our business rapidly. He surprised us with his insight, ability to rifle in on our needs, and then he also gave us the tools to move us to the next step. Bringing him in is one of the best things we’ve done for our business since we started two years ago.”

– Terry Crews, New-Bath

“This is our second year utilizing his services. The fact that we continue to renew is a statement in itself.”

– Gordon Fairbanks, Fairbanks Construction

“As Always, Brian did not disappoint us. He anchored a very successful seminar last week for K2’s salespeople and several of our key dealers. His presentation was just what we needed to kick off the new sales system. It was intense, direct and simple to digest! Thank you”

– Tom Panek, K2 USA

“Our company was flat, no growth, low profitability! Brian worked with our team, developed a plan for us to follow, created new presentations for sales and marketing- we have never been stronger; we have doubled in size and profitability! He is truly a Turn Around Specialist”

– Robert Hausner, LJ Hausner Construction

“Brian’s sales management and sales training abilities cover all the bases; recruiting, hiring, training, and keeping sales people motivated and accountable. Brian has the unique ability to communicate in terms that sales people and sales managers will understand and respond to. Brian was instrumental in helping Melani Brothers reach a 40% increase in sales”

– Ray Melani, Melani Bros. Home Improvements.

“Brian Smith’s training is modern and deals with specific techniques that our salespeople were able to use right away…our numbers are up! His understanding of this business and a sales manager’s roll is superb!”

– Bruce Wohler’s, Redwin Industries Inc.

“Brian is a no nonsense guy who has been in the home and knows how to sell.He has helped our company sales force to stay focused. We bring him back every year.”

– Don Bruce, American Home Design

“I definitely recommend him he provides a real gut check in every area of the business”

– Chuck Cometti, Solvay Glass, RbA Syracuse

Sales and Sales Management Comments

“I really learned so much from your training sessions at Bee Window this week. Thank you for helping me connect the dots on following a system. I am new at sales and now I have a better understanding of how you handle a prospect to get them to sign on the dotted line. After I left your class yesterday, I had a meeting with new client. I applied your “build walls of value” to my presentation and I upsold her more website development then I had originally quoted. Of course, she really did need it! But, I saw firsthand the results of tie downs and bringing value to the customer. Just wanted to tell you thanks again.”

– Wendy Stamm, Success Manager, Indianapolis Indiana

“Thanks Very Much! This was the best seminar I’ve ever been to…you have a great gift. We closed three deals as soon as we got back! The trip has already reaped rewards!”

– Mike Tarin, Parker Colorado

“I just wanted to thank you and Liners Direct for the seminar that you recently conducted in Illinois. The response and the results from my sales staff who attended have been tremendous. We have had outstanding sales results from all three who attended. Robert… a very successful veteran in the home improvement business returned very excited and eager to go. Since his return he is 6 for 10 on bath appointments. Ralph… has hit results of 4 for 9, and our rookie Mike has gone 2 for 6. All three seem to have a new life and new approaches to their selling system. I personally want to commend Brian Smith. I have been to several sales seminars, but Brian’s approach and techniques are far more interesting and “real”. I can’t wait for the next sales seminar conducted by Brian”

– Robert Hausner, LJ Hausner Construction

“Just got back from training at TEMO and sold my first two leads… the system works… Brian’s Training works!”

– Tiffany Sorenson, Intermountain Remodeling

“Nate started work with us on the 15th of July. I trained him for 4 days in the office, had him run 1 patio cover lead on Saturday, and sent him to the Temo training on July 20-22. He came back and sold 5 deals for $129,000 in his first week!!!!”

– Mike Marino, Intermountain Remodeling

“I went 8 for 9 right out of training! Thanks for realigning my focus!”

– Darrian Bobby, Atlas Home Improvements

“To date I’ve been to three of your full seminars and have watched you speak at multiple Dave Yoho seminars. I’ve also had the good fortune to learn from you on a individual basis. Whenever possible I have my sales staff attend your seminars, your relaxed delivery and no-nonsense approach to selling has been invaluable to my staff.What surprises me most is that although I’ve trained with you and watched you speak multiple times, I still came away from this last seminar with a lot of new idea. You have a knack for keeping it fresh and current. I can’t tell you how much you’ve impacted my career and the careers of my staff. Thank you for all you do and I truly look forward to the next seminar.”

– Brian Riley, Canterbury Conservatories

“Brian made me envision myself making sales during training”

– Bruno Vettes, Celestial Sunrooms and Solariums

“Brian’s seminar was incredible and he didn’t have any of the Bull#$%^ you get from other sales seminars”

– Bud Jacob, Jacob Sunrooms and Exteriors

“Fresh and in your face”

– Lou Gioia, Kodiac Construction

“Inspiring, Motivational and usable techniques”

– Ed Ritter, Budge-It Home Remodeling

“Brian show’s you how to use the techniques in real world situations which is invaluable, I come out of this training with new level of confidence”

– Bill Galleher, Shiner Roofing, Windows and Siding

“The information he gives you is invaluable! His energy is incredible! This is the best training seminar I’ve ever attended”

– Niki Yoho, Country Sunrooms and Windows

“I have seen national trainers for Fortune 500 companies that do not hold a candle to Brian Smith.”

– Bob Beedell, Carriage Town Sunrooms and Conservatories

“I sold 4 out of 4 right after the training class! Thanks Sunrise-Thanks Brian, this works!”

– Gerald Bonds, Melani Bros.

“It was very informative and interesting. It brought back a lot of training that I had put in the closet.”

– John Sopp, Leisure Living

“Brian Smith is passionate and knowledgeable. He is the best sales trainer I have ever seen.”

– Jon Kelch, Carriage Town Sunrooms and Conservatories

“I’ve been in sales all my life and at 58 years old this ranks as one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

– George A. Otto, Weather Tight Corporation

“After selling and training sales people for 30 years, Brian Smith is the first person in 20 years I’ve been impressed with. His presentation makes the sale – not 2 ½ hours of closing.”

– Charles Penn, American Home Design

“Seven years of Sales Management and this was my first formal Sales Management Training. I leave with several new ideas and an action plan.”

– Carl Tyler, Home Comfort Now

“So much time and effort is spent training sales reps; it’s about time a system is offered on how to train sales managers so that the training of sales reps can be done properly.”

– Todd Schulz, Weather Tight Corporation

“This class will help someone new to the network and also help the seasoned dealer tighten up the way his business is run.”

– Tom Kurish, Adirondack Sunrooms

“This is the second time I’ve heard Brian speak and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is a great teacher.”

– Harley Dalton, American Home Design

“Brian’s communication style and information impacts everyone in the room; we’ll use him again and again.”

– Mark Stewart, Simonton Windows